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Hilarious Magic-Comedy Stage Shows by Max Magician

This Silent-Comedy Magic show by Max is always a sure-fire hit, and it’s a show that your guests will remember fondly and with wonder, for years to come. Max presents his one-of-a-kind show in a mischievous, yet very charming and very magical way.

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(Full, deluxe version)

Magic Shwos Montreal

Unique, fun-filled and memorable! MAX and his SILENT-COMEDY MAGIC SHOW will have you and your guests amazed and laughing from beginning to end. In fact, it’s a sure fire formula for success!

This top-notch cabaret-styled presentation is entirely choreographed to upbeat music and, in the time-tested “silent-comedy” style of Chaplin, Max captures the hearts and minds of his entire audience. Highly interactive, highly mystifying and highly comical, in addition to being exceptionally entertaining, Max’s Silent-Comedy Magic Show also has universal appeal –blending the art of pantomime, comedy and music, it transcends all cultural and language barriers! This is, without a doubt, a very special experience for the audience and this SHOW WITH A DIFFERENCE also includes lots of on-stage audience participation, making it “THE SHOW” to book for your next event.

In addition to baffling his audience with a series of classical tricks, visual humour and audience by-play (always in good taste, as no one ever is embarrassed), in his DELUXE SHOW, Max also includes his INCREDIBLE and WILDLY HILARIOUS BUZZ SAW-THRU-NECK ILLUSION –Don’t worry, the head never actually falls off! In fact, …there is NO BLOOD, NO HORROR –ONLY THE SOUNDS OF ENDLESS LAUGHTER, FUN, SUSPENSE AND EXCITEMENT!

Montreal Magic Show

Audiences always enjoy laughing and getting involved with Max’s fun-filled Silent-Comedy Show

IN this Deluxe show, Max also performs his original, mystifying and incredibly hilarious THUMB CUFF ESCAPE where –to the delight of the audience, the company’s CEO or another guest in attendance become both the Magician and the “STAR” of the Show! 

For his GRANDE FINALE, HOLD ONTO YOUR WATCH, as MAX entertains the entire audience with his hilarious and unforgettable Pickpocket routine!

Illusionist Montreal

During a show for Chrysler Max has some fun on stage with two helpful volunteers.

For an extra-punch, there is the option of having a Confetti Launcher effect and the Magical Production of a large MESSAGE BANNER to celebrate your personalized message or special event-theme in a joyous and memorable way!

Show length: approx. 40 minutes of non-stop laughter and amazement.


The Max Magic-Comedy Stage Show (Shorter version)

This is a shorter version (but still incredibly fun) of the above “deluxe” SILENT-MAGIC COMEDY SHOW, by Max. 
Show length: Anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the requirements of the event.

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Celebrate with fun, laughter and… amazement!

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