The Effect:
You hold out your business card for your prospective client to take, but just as he or she reaches to take it, the card “vanishes”. Within seconds, as soon as has the card vanished and the prospect expressed a stunned look of bewilderment, you produce your card from thin air and hand it over to your appreciative (but still baffled) prospect. Tell them that --just like the card, all their business problems will disappear –as soon as they engage your services.

The Method:
With your right hand (if you’re a “righty”) and your palm towards the audience, display your business card face outwards, holding it at the center of its inner end, between the tip of the thumb on its face and the tips of the second finger (often referred to as the “middle finger”) and the third finger (“ring finger”) positioned at the back of the card (see photo # 1).

The second and third fingertips are now bent inwards towards the palm of the hand so that the nail side of their top joints rest just below the back of the card at the center of its inner end (see photo # 2).

The first finger (“index”) and little finger (“pinky”) begin to open slightly and then curl over the sides of the card towards its inner end so that the inner side of the tip of each of these two fingers rests on the face of the cards at its inner corners. This action has the effect of bending the card outwards lengthwise (again, see photo # 2).

All of the fingers are now straightened out, thus bringing the card to the back of the hand clipped between the first and second and third and fourth fingers (see photo # 3 and # 4).

From the spectator’s point of view, the palm of your hand appears empty –as if the card has vanished (see photo # 5)

Note: So much for the mechanical side of the slight. In actual performance, the card is first displayed and, as you make a forward motion with your hand holding the card, the card it apparently tossed into the air. It is “back-palmed” at the start of the upward throw, the spectator’s eyes naturally follow this “tossing” motion upwards in anticipation of its flight.

After the “vanish” of the business card has registered on the spectator, the next step is to reserve all of the above steps, bending the middle second and third fingers towards the palm of the hand and “pinching” the now visible card between the thumb and index finger. As the card is “pinched” in this way, the second, third, and fourth (pinky) fingers remain gently pressed against the palm of the hand . With the card still “pinched” between the thumb and index finger, move your hand in a forward motion towards the spectator --a gesture that invites the spectator (your client) to take the card from you (for future reference!).

The Benefits:
This is a trick that, if practiced enough, will amaze and delight your
prospective clients and business associates. As with all tricks, in order to keep the mystery and wonder in the Magic, please practice this trick over and over –in front of a mirror, until your feel confident and comfortable to perform it in front of a “live” audience.

Once you feel “ready”, try it out on your family and friends and see their reaction. If they “catch” you, go back to the mirror and practice some more. Then, when your ready, perform in the business world… and have some fun!

Final Words of Caution and Encouragement:
This trick will require serious practice (in front of a mirror) to execute the actions smoothly (without being “caught” by the spectator). However, when performed correctly and smoothly, this is a dynamic, “ magical” and memorable way to hand out your business cards to prospective clients. Therefore, we believe that the time it takes to learn this trick is well worth the investment.

Max & Maxine would like to wish you success in your efforts as you work towards mastering this special effect.

Remember, as with all tricks, the goal of the magician is to create a sense of wonder, amazement and fun .

Please e-mail us to let us know how it works!

Magically Yours,

Jonathan Levey
Max & Maxine Entertainment


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