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(fantastic promotional "give-away" item)

  • An ace of spades is placed in between two red aces, then the three cards are turned face down. When the spectator reaches to turn over the ace of spades, they are amazed to discover that this card has magically changed into a card with your company's logo and marketing message!
  • The cost of producing this promo item for your  trade show or marketing campaign is VERY low!
  • Why does this unique promo item work? You and your prospects can perform this easy-to-learn trick to friends and business associates within minutes. Each time the trick is demonstrated, you are communicating your company's logo and marketing message.



  • Make your next trade show exhibit or corporate event visual, exciting and memorable.

  • We can provide you with  customized high-quality Banners that are " made to measure", produced in any size, and in any fabric (ie. pure silk, nylon, canvas, spandex, etc.), according to your  specific needs.  Using cutting-edge Digital Technology, our  Customized Banners can also be designed to vividly promote your company colors, logo and  marketing message.  

  • With our promotional banners your targeted audience will  remember your company and your marketing message long after the event is over. 

Here's what one of our many satisfied clients had to say about our Customized Banners (they had discovered our service by surfing the net, and subsequently "rush ordered" several of our Banners)...

"Dear Max... Actually, you "saved the day" for me.  I ended up with banners
that were better than I expected  in all aspects: cost, quality and availability. At the event, my direct VP said, "Wow, I bet those (banners) cost us some money." -- When I told him the final price, he could not believe it. He liked the banners so much that they are now hanging in the front windows of our office. 
Thanks so much for making me look good."

Mark E. Sharp
Director of Business Development
Heery International, USA

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