Photo by: Lawrence Clenmen

Photo by: Lawrence Clenmen

Maximize Your Trade Show Profits



Attract more prospects to your booth

Create a warm and friendly atmosphere between visitors and and your sales staff

Communicate your company's marketing messages in a captivating, informative and unforgettable way



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How does Max do it ?

How can Max Maximize your trade show profits?

Max draws crowds with his customized magical presentations, then helps your staff to zero in on key visitors by qualifying prospects during his show.

He can also collect business cards during his "round the clock" shows.  In this way, your staff can concentrate more easily on other priorities like building relationships with potential clients.

In addition to being a specialist in Trade Shows, Max is a sleight-of-hand expert with strong public speaking and communications skills.  He combines his more than 20 years of solid experience in the areas of magic, marketing and sales to create  magical presentations that will help your company shine and stand out amongst the competition.

Fill your booth with smiles, laughter and "good will"... Whether entertaining established clients or potential clients, Max will enhance their relationship with  your company and staff by making them feel comfortable and involved.

When visitors leave your booth they will genuinely appreciate the good time they had and remember your booth (its products and services) long after.

Max engages visitors and performs his magic while telling them your message.   Because they are having fun, their level of trust and receptivity to your message is dramatically increased.

Before the event, Max studies your company's information, then customizes his presentation and his tricks to communicate your message(s): features, benefits, "buzz-words" and slogans.

Cards and silks cleverly flash your logos and company colors, in an amusing, memorable way that gently heightens brand awareness and "recall" amongsts your prospects.

         Max produces products out of 'thin air'!

Max enthuses your team.

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