"Thumbcuff" Routine
Max steal someone's watch!





Audiences always enjoy laughing and getting involved with Max's Magic-Comedy Show 

During a show for Chrysler, Max has some fun on stage with two helpful volunteers. 

The Max Magic-Comedy Stage Show (Shorter version)

  • This is a highly entertaining MAGIC-COMEDY SHOW with music. It includes audience participation and lots of laughs. In this show, amongst other magical effects that include on stage audience-participation, MAX features his hilarious and original Thumb-cuff Escape routine where, to the delight of the audience, the company's CEO or Guest of Honor become the "The Star of the Show". For extra-punch, MAX also incorporates his unforgettable Pickpocket routine!

    Show length
    : Anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the requirements of the event.

The Max Magic-Comedy Show (Full version)

  • This is a more elaborate SILENT MAGIC-COMEDY SHOW, by MAX

    This top-notch cabaret-styled presentation is entirely choreographed to upbeat music and, in the "silent-comedy" style of Chaplin, there is no spoken language during the entire performance, yet it is highly interactive and comical, with universal appeal (no language barriers!).

    Max's Magic-Comedy show is designed to engage and really entertain the audience. It includes lots of audience participation and generates lots of laughs.

    As the show unfolds, audiences will be mesmerized as Max levitates a silver sphere.

    At this point the real Fun kicks in, as MAX performs a series of baffling effects where volunteers find themselves center-stage and "involved" in the magic.

    When a volunteer steps a bit "out of line", to the cheers and applause of the audience --and with the sound of the buzz-saw blade buzzing, Max places the head of this incredulous volunteer onto the "chopping" block and proceeds to cut off the volunteer's head...
    It's just all part of the Magic, the Mischief and the and Fun of Max.

    Also included in this show, MAX features his highly interactive and original Thumb-Cuff Escape routine where --to the delight of the audience, the company's CEO or Guest of Honor become the "The Star of the Show".

    For an extra -punch, HOLD ONTO YOUR WATCH, as MAX entertains the entire audience with his hilarious and unforgettable Pickpocket routine.

    For the Grand Finale, there is the option of having a Confetti Launcher effect and a ten-foot banner (produced in a puff of smoke!) to celebrate your personalized message or event-theme in a joyous, magical and memorable way!

    Show length: a full 30 minutes of non-stop laughter and amazement.

    The Magic-Comedy show by Max is a sure-fire hit, and it's a show that your guests will remember fondly, and with wonder, for years to come.

    To make your upcoming event a magical success, call us now for further information, or to reserve your date:

514- 484-2524 , or 1-877- 484-2524 (toll free for US and Canada)

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Celebrate with fun, laughter and amazement

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