Entertain your guests with professional, interactive, fun-filled magic.

  • MAX & MAXINE are two professional magicians dressed in stunning contrast to one another... A black tailcoat and bowler hat for MAX, and a white tailcoat for MAXINE.

  • MAX & MAXINE perform CLOSE-UP STROLLING MAGIC during cocktails, table-to-table during dinners, company parties, hospitality suites, product launches, trade shows...

  • Their magical apparatus includes money, cards, silks, rings, ropes, credit cards and a variety of other objects to delight and amaze their corporate clientele. Volunteers are baffled and thankful when, expensive watches are stolen (and returned!) mysteriously.

Max and Maxine,
a Magical Duo.

Sleight of hand is always a
Maxine cuts and restores a rope .. magic!
Max amazes spectators with his $100 bill trick!.
Mystery + mischief + fun-filled laughs
Unbelievable, Max stole my watch!

Photos from the past ...



Maxine performs magic close-up, with the assistance of Quebec's former Premier Robert Bourassa. 

Max entertains former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau at a Shakespeare Festival Fundraiser. 

  • MAX & MAXINE, with their innovative style of silent-magic-comedy, overcome all language barriers. Their approach is tactful, friendly and highly interactive. Spectators will be amazed as they wave the magic wand to make the magic happen, right in front of their eyes!


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