NEWS FLASH! Mentalist Helps Unlock Power of the Mind…

Below is a link to the newly published article highlighting Jonathan’s Mysteries of the Mind show,entitled : Mentalist Helps to Unlock the Powers of the Mind.”  We hope you enjoy it, and will consider “sharing” it with others…


FLOSSACADABRA: The famed Gypsy Thread illusion performed using dental floss:

Fellow-Blogger and retired dentist, Dr. Harry Rajchgot, posts fun blog showing the Gypsy Thread illusion being performed using dental floss:

Enjoy reading Harry’s entire blog on: 1001 Uses For Dental Floss. starting from #1 at: 

…and stay tuned on Harry’s Blog to learn about his soon to be released book!

Congratulations Harry!

Montreal Magicians Max & Maxine have another identity…

THE SECRET’S OUT!   …”Max the Magician” is simply the fun name I use when performing my shows for adults. My real name is: “Jonathan Levey” and my lovely wife Monique joins me when we entertain under our stage names, “Max & Maxine”, performing interactive and fun-filled Magic for corporate events. Our son, Samuel, studies Mechanical Engineering. but when he was younger he helped us to set up our shows and provided us with valuable input on our many effects. We want to wish everyone that we have touched with our Magical performances a very healthy and happy (and magical) New Year in 2014! We hope to see you at a new event in the near future!